Support Countryside Farmers' Markets

Countryside began managing farmers’ markets in 2004. Currently, we manage two summer markets and one winter market in the greater Akron area.

The markets collectively serve over 50,000 customers each year, and in 2014 the vendors reached a collective milestone of over $1M in annual sales. 2018 is our fifteenth season in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and our fourteenth season in Akron.  

Our markets are producer-only; vendors are required to be growing, producing or making the products offered at the markets.

The purposes of the Countryside Farmers’ Markets are three-fold:

  • Provide a venue where local farmers, producers, artisans, and artists can sell their high-quality products directly to the consumer.
  • Connect consumers with a wide array of locally grown and produced foods and goods in a setting that allows them to interact directly with the grower or producer, thereby re-connecting them directly to the source of their food.
  • Create a space that allows for community interaction and enjoyment, informal public education and civic engagement.

Market sponsorships are now available for Countryside Old Trail School Winter Farmers' Market. Your donation supports the behind-the-scenes and on-site hard-work of Countryside Farmers' Markets and help ensure their sustainability.

Enjoy these small tokens of our gratitude for your support:

  • A sincere THANK YOU in our weekly e-newsletter, sent to over 6000 recipients, and on the weekly market webpage.
  • Another sincere THANK YOU on our market chalkboard.
  • The opportunity to ring the Market Opening Cow Bell at 9am.
  • Pre-market shopping privileges.
  • Your choice of excellent Countryside swag ~ a t-shirt, a hat, a tote, a onesie. It's up to you!

Click here to sponsor a Countryside Old Trail School Winter Farmers' Market date with your credit card.

You will be contacted shortly to confirm your sponsorship and related details.

To pay by check contact Erin Molnar, Director of Local Food Programs at

If you are interested in a small-business or corporate sponsorship, please contact Erin Molnar, Director of Local Food Programs at