Countryside Farmers' Market at Highland Square

Will Christy Park, 1175 W Exchange St, Akron, 44302 [map]
Open Thursdays, May 18th through September 28th, 4pm - 7pm

Welcome to the 2017 season!

Countryside Farmers' Market at Highland Square has a new home!! We are thrilled to be welcoming back many returning vendors, as well as some new ones! We'll be filled to the brim, every Thursday, with freshly-harvested produce, pastured meats and eggs, artfully crafted baked goods and food products, delicious coffee and tea, beautiful arts and crafts, fresh-cut flowers, mouth-watering dinners, and MORE. Everything is local and sold by the producers themselves.

To view participating vendors for the season, click here.

To see a vendor map, including anticipated attendance by date, click here.

Here's some of what you can expect to find Thursday, June 22nd ~

Fresh, vibrant fruit & veg: raspberries, radishes, cucumbers, snap peas, apples, lettuce, carrots, shelling peas, spinach, onions, zucchini, kale, swiss chard, beets, kohlrabi, salad mix
Fresh and frozen sustainably-raised beef and pork 
Hot and frozen pierogies. Ready to eat chicken paprikash and cabbage and spaetzle
Delicious dinner options from The Square Scullery 
Beautiful fresh flower bouquets
Creative, crafted food products: honey, lemon curd croissants, grass-fed cheeses, strawberry balsamic muffins, chocolates ~ barks, peanut butter cups, truffles and more!, kale chips, baklava and other delicious Greek pastries, vegan pastries ~ including waffles!, hearty artisan bread loaves

This week's Market Music provided by ~ Bobby Patetta

Bobby has been sharing his passion for singing and playing, for composition and songwriting, for guitar and harmonica, for over 50 years. His journey has taken him from singing Doo Wop at school dances to Rock & Roll and R & B at frat parties and Jersey Shore bars. Seven years on Florida's Gulf Coast gave him an education in Dixieland Jazz, Disco, Country/Western, and Boat-Drink music. He feels at home in northeast Ohio, having found a great environment for songwriting and performing. He is a founding member of the "Hot Potatoes," performs regularly with his wife, Jan at various churches in the area, and has a CD of his original music available, entitled "Metaphysical Blues."